The Effect of DJs’ Social Network on Music Popularity

DJ figure14

This research focuses on two distinctive determinants of DJ popularity in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) culture. While one’s individual artistic tastes (Audio Features) influence the construction of playlists for festivals, social relationships (Social Network) with other DJs also have an effect on the promotion of a DJ’s works.

Motivation: There are many aspects that affect when DJs construct Mix Sets. DJ figure1

Motivation: What are the factors that affect when DJs chooses a song?. DJ figure3

Hypothesis: Audio Features & Social Network. DJ figure4

Dataset: 1001TRACKLISTS. DJ figure6

Popularity: Popularity is calculated according to DJ's song preference. DJ figure2

Models: Popularity / Audio Features, Network Features. DJ figure7

Model 1: Some audio features affect music popularity. DJ figure9

Model 2: Song popularity has a negative relationship with Closeness and Betweness. DJ figure10

Model 3: Even when controlling Audio Features, Closeness and Betweness still show negative relationships. DJ figure11

Analysis: Low Betweeness & Closeness. DJ figure8

Analysis: DJs tend to play songs composed by DJs within their exclusive groups. DJ figure12

Example: The more popular a song is, the more often the song is played within the cluster. DJ figure13

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